03/06/2010 09:30


Dear TWS user,
We present you the GSE TWS Workgroup Conference for Belgium and Luxembourg, edition 2010.
The conference is held at IBM Brussels, please find enclosed the agenda as well as a route description.      
Conference location : 
IBM - Brussels
Avenue du Bourget/Bourgetlaan 42
1130 Brussels ,
The conference is scheduled on June 3, 2010, starting at 09:30.
We would like to refresh our member information concerning the TWS implementation at your site. The joined zip-file includes BeLux-member information currently known to us. Please adapt your organisation’s entries and mail the results back to us. 
Please use the joined form to register, registration deadline is May, 21  2010.
We’re looking forward to seeing you again.
Yours sincerely,
Sven Vermeulen                                  Patrick Van Cutsem                 Guy Verschueren
Secretary                                             Vice-chairman                         Chairman

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Agenda GSE TWS 2010.doc52 KB
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