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19/06/2015 18:00


This is the subscription page for the Automation and Orchestration event held on June 19th at the Vivium tower in Antwerp. .

We are proud to announce you that CSC, Automic, BPM company, VMware, Metsi, Nubera and IBM will share their expertise.

The detailed agenda: http://www.gsebelux.com/Hybrid-Solutions/Agenda


This event is free of charge.
A special thanks to our sponsor Vivium.

              Sincerely Yours,

              The Organizing Team:

Sven Vermeulen – KBC
Marnix Vrambout – IRIS Ondit
Carlo Werbrouck – P&V Group

Venue and transportation

Vivium - Desguinlei, 92, 2018 Antwerp
Via public transportation the Vivium building in Antwerp is very easy to reach:


Important remark: we are sorry but there are no Car parking spots available in or at the Vivium building.  
Normally it is possible to find a car parking spot in the direct neighbourhood.


Signups closed for this Event